12 Facebook Video Metrics that Brands Need to Know

12 Facebook Video Metrics that Brands Need to Know

Ever wondered if your Facebook videos were a hit with your audience? How many of your followers did not watch your Story content? Did they stay up to the very end to see what happened?

These are all excellent questions to ponder if you’re planning to use Facebook videos in your marketing efforts. And your Facebook video stats might provide you with the information you are looking for.

By analysing your Facebook video data, you can see how well your content is being received by your target demographic. It allows you to track the progress of your marketing strategy and determine whether or not your efforts are paying off. In addition, you may utilise this information to improve the reach and engagement of your future video.

So, what are the Facebook video metrics that you should be monitoring? There are a few metrics you should keep an eye on for your brand in this piece.

How can you locate Facebook video stats on the social media platform?

Your organic Facebook posts’ video stats may be accessed in a few different ways.

  • To see how each video performed in relation to other posts, click on one of the metrics that appear under each post. To get a more in-depth look at the video’s statistics, go here.
  • Alternatively, you may look at these stats in your video collection. Go to “Videos” by clicking on the “More” icon at the top of your page. You’ll be able to quickly browse through all of your previously uploaded videos and pick out the one you wish to study.

As a user, you may view your most popular video at the top of your page. All the videos you’ve uploaded may be found at the bottom of the page. After locating the video you wish to examine, click on the “…” button located beneath the movie to begin your analysis. Select “View insights” to open up a page with more information about your account’s stats.

If you have a Facebook Insights account, you’ll also be able to see additional video stats such as Facebook Live and Story analytics. All of your video ad stats can be seen in the Facebook Ads Manager, where they can be accessed.

What Facebook video metrics should you be keeping an eye on?

In terms of how well you do in Facebook videos, there are no hard and fast rules. If you have a large following, a large following size, and a successful video history, you may have different definitions of “good.” As an example, if a brand has 10,000 followers, then a view count of 1,000 may be seen as poor. But for a company with just 2,000 followers, it’s a terrific figure.

By using your own Facebook video metrics, you can track and analyse how your performance has changed over time.

Views of the video

Your video’s total amount of views may be found here. Facebook’s video view count offers you an accurate indication of how well your video did since it reaches beyond the reach of the average viewer. That means it shows you not just how many people saw your video in their feeds but how many of those individuals actually viewed the video.

This Facebook video measure takes into account every video watch, no matter how brief. So it doesn’t provide you a complete view of how you performed in your video. A benchmark for Facebook video view rates is also provided, which may be used to assess the success of your marketing campaign.

Is re-watching a Facebook video counted as a view?

So that the data is as accurate as possible, Facebook only counts views that last for a single, unrepeated second or less. In other words, Facebook will only register one view even if a user sees the video many times.

  1. Involvement, on the other hand, is

For all Facebook videos, including in-feed videos, Stories, and Live, engagement is a key measure to monitor. Your video’s engagement level is gauged by the number of likes, comments, and shares it has received.

Facebook’s native analytics tool examines all of the engagement data from the previous 28 days when it comes to Stories on Facebook. Like reactions, stickers, swiping up, profile touches, replies and shares are all included in the total.

Using this information, you can better gauge how well the article connected with your readers. What kinds of videos get the most views and comments? As a result, Facebook video benchmarks may be used to guide your content strategy.

2. Perseverance of the viewers

If you want to know when your viewers are going to stop watching your video, this Facebook measure can help. It’s important to know just how many viewers you managed to keep engaged with your content. Even better, you’ll be able to point to specific moments in the video where viewers lost interest.

3. It’s also possible to get negative feedback.

People aren’t liking what they see in your video. If you receive negative feedback, people may choose to hide your post, mark it as spam, or stop like your Page. You need to keep an eye on this measure since it identifies material that is losing your fans’ attention.

Having films with a lot of negative criticism might harm your brand’s reputation, especially if it’s widespread. A speedy examination of all the issues and a thorough investigation of the main cause are critical.

4. The best venue and the best crowd.

Demography information about your viewers, such as their primary location and their primary demographic, can provide you a better understanding of your intended audience. These indicators help you identify the people you should be aiming your marketing efforts towards in the first place. They also help you choose the best way to communicate your brand’s unique value proposition.

5. Tasks that may be performed by swiping up

This measure only applies to Facebook Stories. Swipe-up actions show you how many times visitors clicked on a link or an action button in your Stories and swiped up. People can, for example, swipe up to access “Shop Now.” A good way to gauge the effectiveness of your Stories in terms of driving sales is to look at this measure.

It is important to track the amount of people who have saved your Story video to their Facebook collection, which is measured by the total number of individuals who have saved your Story film. Tells you how much value you’re putting in with each Story.

6. The highest number of people that were watching live.

During the time your video was live, this number shows you how many people tuned in to watch your live broadcast on Facebook Live. Viewers may see a graph of their number fluctuating throughout the live show by expanding on this measure. As a result, you’ll be able to see exactly when your audience begins to go away.

Using this information, you may see if viewers are becoming impatient with the length of a programme. Alternatively, it might be an indication that you need to reschedule your broadcast so that more people can see it in its entirety. Content quality might also be an indication.

7. Percentage of students who complete the course.

The average completion rate gives you an idea of how many viewers stuck with your live video all the way to the conclusion. In the event that your live broadcasts have a poor completion rate, this might be an indication that your content or delivery methods need improvement. Another possibility is that you transmitted at a time when people were too busy to pay attention for the full show.

Find out why your completion rate is so poor, and then experiment with different ways to make your live broadcasts more interesting.

There has been a significant increase in the number of visitors to

Fans will begin to flock to your channel as you produce more interesting and entertaining online videos to share. Make sure you’re utilising Facebook video benchmarks to see how your content affects your page likes.

As an added bonus, Facebook provides a way for you to track the development of your page following a live video. In order to gauge the success of your live broadcasts, you can use this measure to see how many people have “liked” your page as a result.

The number of ad contracts

Your Facebook video ad campaign’s engagement metrics should also be closely monitored if you’re running them. How are your video advertising being received by viewers? If you want to get the most out of your advertising dollars, you need to ask this question.

When it comes to watching your video advertising, how much time do they take? And how many times have individuals contacted your business after seeing your ads? The Ads Manager provides access to these important KPIs for video ads.

A more in-depth look at the performance of your video ads may be obtained with the help of the Sprout Social Facebook Paid Performance Report (FPPR). This offers you an idea of how effective your advertising were in terms of eliciting a response. It’s also possible to see how many people clicked on your ad and how many people converted to customers online. Your campaign performance will improve as a result of this data, and you can utilise this information to identify chances for further optimization.

8. The additional expense (CPM, CPE, CPC, CPCon)

You should also keep track of how much money you’re spending on Facebook video advertisements. This report provides you with a complete overview of your Facebook ad spend. You can see how much money you’re putting into your advertising and how they’re doing in terms of various metrics.

The cost per impression, the cost per interaction, the cost per click, and the cost per online conversion, for example, may all be seen here in this dashboard. A complete picture of your ad expenditure and, eventually, the total campaign’s performance can only be obtained by tracking these indicators.

Track and build your Facebook video audience

Video marketing is only going to get more popular as more and more companies compete for customers. Videos on Facebook are proving to be a valuable marketing tool for businesses. When it comes to reaching their social media goals, 54 percent of marketers believe that video is the most beneficial content format.

For Facebook video marketing success, you can’t afford to lose out on the most important performance data. It’s important to keep an eye on your Facebook video’s success by utilising the metrics we’ve discussed above.

Download the newest Sprout Social Index report if you want to discover more about the influence of videos on Facebook and everything in between.

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