9 Instagram Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

9 Instagram Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is no exception to the rule. This is why keeping abreast with the most recent fashions is so critical.

Here are some of the most important Instagram trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

An increasing number of people are using Instagram Reels.

When Instagram Reels were first introduced in 2020, they gradually became available to all users throughout the course of the following year. To compete with TikTok, Instagram added a new feature that allows users to post short video clips.

Reels, which began as 15-second segments, may now go as long as 60 seconds. Reels are more popular on Instagram than standard videos, which shows why you should incorporate them into your plan.

There are several ways to take advantage of Reels’ popularity, but many users will just reuse TikToks.

Look at how Smile Direct Club collaborated with Kelli Erdmann to produce this amusing reel:

  • • Using Instagram Reels in a creative way
  • • Prepare concise how-to manuals for the use of your products and services;
  • • Add your own twist on a popular meme.
  • • Share your products or services with an influencer by partnering with them.
  • • Story links may be accessed using the link sticker.
  • • Instagram’s new link stickers were a major setback for those of us who had fought so hard to surpass the 10,000 follower mark on the platform. Instagram users of all kinds may now share links in their stories, even those of their personal accounts.

The “Stickers” icon on the Instagram story screen provides access to a variety of sticker alternatives. If you’re going to use a sticker, you’ll probably want to choose the “link” option rather than the “question,” “poll,” or “survey” options. You’ll next put in the destination URL and place the sticker where you want it to appear.

Ideas for putting the link sticker to good use

  • Get them to buy what you’re selling by sending them straight to your sales pages.
  • Link to a forthcoming event or webinar by teasing it.
  • Include details about a blog post and a link to the full article on your website.
  • In order to make Instagram Stories even more interesting, have influencers immediately link the things they’re pushing straight to their Instagram feeds.
  • Instagram Stories features a variety of different stickers that may be used to interest your followers, including link stickers.

If you’re using the “Add yours” function, your followers can share their own photos as part of a photo prompt you’ve created on Instagram.

Observe it in action:

In addition, the length of stories may be increasing. Instagram began testing 60-second stories around the end of 2021. Currently, larger tales may be created, but they need to be divided up into 15-second portions. Your story will soon be able to include 60-second continuous videos, thanks to this new functionality.

In order to get the most out of Instagram Stories, here are some ideas.

  • Photos and videos taken off-camera that don’t necessarily blend with the rest of your Instagram feed can be included in your story.
  • Make Instagram highlights stories that you can share with your followers.
  • Create polls or quizzes for your audience, link to fundraisers, ask questions and more with the use of story stickers
  • Instagram The promo show has story advertising.
  • Instagram’s story advertisements are the finest area to promote your brand on the app. It is more probable that consumers will see and interact with your adverts if they appear in between user tales.

Brand recognition, traffic, engagement, video views, and conversions are all possible goals for Instagram story advertisements. Create full-sized, 1080 x 1920 pixel creative assets for your commercials if you want to get the most out of your advertising budget and maximise your exposure.

Ads that aren’t full-screen are shown below. If they had kept the Stories dimensions in mind, the design would have had a considerably greater impact:

Let’s take a look at a full-screen ad creative as an example instead. Now it’s far more interesting and seems more natural in the context of everything else people are seeing on the site.

Ways to make advantage of Instagram Story advertisements

  • Get people’s attention in the opening few seconds of the video so they don’t go on to the next narrative.
  • After your visitors have seen your ad, make it obvious what they should do next.
  • Use a wide range of narrative ad objectives to connect with customers at all points in the sales process.
  • Promote material on Twitter and Instagram at the same time.
  • As a Twitter user, you’ve probably come across link previews in tweets. For Instagram links, Twitter did not allow previews. Fortunately, Instagram photographs now have the potential to have the same sort of link preview as on the site.

You can now notify your Twitter followers when you post new Instagram photographs, which is a great way to grow your following on both networks at once.

Tweets can also be directly shared into the Stories section of Instagram if you want to do that as well. Select Instagram Stories from the sharing choices when you’re ready to send a tweet. It’s going to look like this:.

Ways to make the most of cross-promotional opportunities

Engage your audience on several platforms at the same time with your content.
Get more exposure and interaction for your Instagram images by sharing them on Twitter
If you’d want to gain more insight from your followers, consider posting your tweets to your Instagram story.

Tweets and memes are great ways to spread the word.

Have some fun with your Instagram account, if it matches your brand’s vibe. The best way to advertise your business on Twitter is to share related memes, or to cross-market your tweets. It’s a common Instagram feed trend to publish tweet screenshots (we’ve already spoken about how to do this in stories).

Here’s a Chipotle meme to give you an idea of what to post:

Let’s have a look at several options for sending tweets to others. Instead of sharing your tweet on its own, put it on a colourful backdrop for a more eye-catching presentation.

As an illustration, consider the following:

Twitter and meme sharing options

Use a screenshot of a funny tweet you or a client sent and include it in a post.
Your brand’s voice may be integrated into a popular meme.
Make your own memes to demonstrate the uniqueness of your business.
Let your Instagram followers shop for you.
Instagram has made it easier for e-commerce firms to earn income on the platform during the past several years. 70 percent of buyers go to Instagram for their purchases, so companies want to make sure their items are as accessible as possible.

Companies may construct a whole online shop with Instagram’s shopping capabilities, which can be divided down into categories such as new arrivals, sale products and so on.

Take a look at the following example of an Instagram shop’s product classifications:

Any time these goods are shown in a picture, you may provide links to them. This may be seen in action at:

In order to get the most of Instagram’s purchasing feature, here are a few tips

  • Make it easier for customers to locate your items by creating a variety of groupings and subcategories.
  • Share photographs of your items and provide a link to the item’s listing in each one.
  • Add new items to your store as soon as possible so that customers may purchase them.
  • Never before has working with creatives been easier.
  • Brands and content producers may now work together more easily on Instagram, according to the network’s recent improvements to the influencer marketing experience.

In late 2021, Instagram unveiled a significant new feature: the ability to search for and engage directly with creators within the Instagram app.

More businesses and artists will use Instagram for their campaigns if the influencer-brand interaction can be made easier.

With Instagram’s new native affiliate programme, producers can earn even more money by endorsing items and earning affiliate commissions.

Creative collaborations

Use the partner discovery list to look for creators who have a comparable target audience.
Create outstanding user generated content (UGC) with influencers in order to share it with your respective audiences.

Consider offering an affiliate programme for your customers to utilise while advertising their own goods.
Although IGTV is no longer available, Instagram video is now better than ever
While Instagram attempted to get into the long-form video market with IGTV, it was a flop. As a result, Instagram decided to ditch IGTV and instead focus on improving its existing video capabilities in the feed.

It is now possible for marketers who were using IGTV to publish long-form video content with their audience to do so on Instagram feed videos.

Using Instagram video in creative ways

Conduct in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders in your field to present your readers with useful and instructional content.

Make a series of informative videos

Before you submit your video, make sure you have a cover that fits your social media feed.
In 2022, what Instagram trends are you most looking forward to seeing?
Influence from other networks and the introduction of new features help to shape Instagram trends. It’s important to stay on top of the latest trends so that your audience knows you’re willing to attempt new things.

The most important Instagram analytics may help you figure out what your audience is most interested in, so keep an eye on them.

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