How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

Creating new and engaging content on Instagram takes time and as some like to say, “time is money.” To assist creators and companies, Instagram provides them many options to monetise their profiles.

Social media networks are significantly investing in the creative economy. Meta declared that it wants to spend $1 billion into the creator economy by the end of 2022. For influencers and content makers, this implies that you may get compensated for your creative effort.

On the commercial side, the tools supplied to you by these networks enable for smoother partnership working with brand creators. In this mutually beneficial connection, everyone profits in the creative economy.

In this post, we’ll examine eight ways to generate money on Instagram. As a business, it’s crucial to be familiar with these strategies so you can apply them in your own marketing initiatives.

But first, set up an Instagram Professional Account

Before you get started on any of the monetization options described below, you need to transform your account into a Professional one. Professional Accounts are either Business or Creator Accounts. Switching your account to this kind offers you access to tools like the Professional Dashboard and Insights. Both give data on how your content and account are performing.

Keep in mind that some of the approaches indicated below are currently rolling out.

To check which tools are accessible to you, use Instagram’s mobile app and browse to your Professional Dashboard to the “See All Tools” menu option to receive a list of all the tools available. As you start utilizing them, you’ll also be provided with information about releases and changes.

1. Sponsored postings and sponsored content

Businesses pay influencers to generate brand-centric postings or content. On Instagram, branded content is distinguished different by having the “Paid Partnership” badge. This label delivers post-performance statistics to both the creator and labeled business partners.

Influencer marketing is one of the most prevalent and recognized techniques that businesses utilize to generate money on Instagram. It’s the platform of choice for 72 percent of artists, making it a terrific spot for a brand to get engaged in the creative economy. With 75 percent of brand marketers expecting to spend a budget for influencer marketing, it’s also a strategy that you don’t want to be be left behind on.

Instagram’s new sponsored content capabilities include the option for artists to identify the preferred businesses they want to collaborate with. And in return, businesses may uncover new collaborators. Finding the proper influencer for your company may be a tough process, which makes this search capability a helpful tool.

How much do Instagram influencers make?

Influencer prices vary based on numerous criteria including follower counts and industry specialty. According to one study, the split is as follows on Instagram:

Nano-influencers (1k-10k followers) get $10-$100 every post

Micro-influencers (10k-50k followers) get $100-$500 every post

Mid-tier influencers (50k-500k followers) earn $500-$5k each post

Macro-influencers (500k-1m followers) receive $5k-10k every post

Mega-influencers (1m+ followers) get $10k+ every post

Celebrities may make over $1 million every post


  • If a creator’s article is performing well, a business can transform it into a Branded Content Ad. Mixing it with a brand has been demonstrated to be over 90 percent more likely to induce cost-effective action than each technique independently.
  • Use analytics reports like the ones given by Sprout to measure campaign performance. Tag scheduled campaign postings and incoming communications. After doing so, the messages’ performance is gathered in the Tag Performance Report.

2. Brand ambassador programs

Influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs are not the same. Influencer marketing focuses on a one-off post or a few posts from someone, whereas a brand ambassador program calls for consistent promotion. Ambassador programs can include extra incentives like product previews and affiliate links.

The commercial benefit of a brand ambassador program is that you obtain material on a regular basis from a trusted source. Contracts are longer, thus the brand ambassador also has a constant revenue source.

FUJIFILM utilizes brand ambassadors to market its X-Series cameras and Chenille Rojas is one of them. In addition to a separate profile page in the X-Photographer section, she has the position in her Instagram profile. Posts that are part of her brand ambassador obligations are labeled with #fujifilmx creator.


  • Use our brand ambassadors guide to develop your own program.
  • To find accounts that could be good brand ambassadors, consider about who your brand advocates are.

3. Instagram Shopping

Social commerce is predicted to reach over 100 million individuals in the US by 2023.

If you have digital or physical things to offer, setting up Instagram Shopping opens the door to various options. With this feature enabled, you may tag your items on your posts, in your captions, and in Stories and advertising.

To broaden your Shop’s reach, leverage the Shopping Partners tool. This allows accounts to link to your Shop, tag its items and offer post insights to the Seller.

Additionally, if you get in on the livestream shopping craze, you’ll be able to tag things and sell straight to customers while performing an Instagram Live. Creator @NikitaDragun presented a Live Shopping event that drew 43k followers to watch and 5k things put to shopping bags.


  • Don’t know where or how to start? Use our Instagram Shopping guide to discover how to set up Shop and attract new consumers.
  • Review the benefits of shoppable content and hear expert predictions about what’s next for social shopping.

4. Affiliate and Creator Shops

In the affiliate program, producers are allowed to tag items in their posts and may even build up a store of recommended products. Brands may also define unique commission rates, develop affiliate programs and monitor performance analytics. On top of the brand commission, Meta will make an estimated commission match and will pay $40 for each new piece of affiliate content.

Creator Shops appear in a similar format to a brand’s own Shop with a few important distinctions. Creator Shops can display many brands. Its items are labeled with the “eligible for commission” badge.

Brandy Gueary is a digital developer and designer who displays the “View shop” CTA button on her profile which connects to two shops: her suggested goods and her clothes line. When someone purchases a product from her Shop link, she’ll get a commission.

Both the affiliate program and Creator Shops on Instagram are being tested and may not be accessible to you yet. Learn more about the affiliate program for creators and verify whether your business is qualified.

5. Badges

Badges are offered to Creators for Instagram Live streams as another method for viewers to express support for their favorite broadcasters. Supporters who purchase Badges have heart(s) displayed next to their username. In addition, they enable additional privileges like being added to the creator’s badge holders list.

Because this is still a relatively new function, keep a look out for wider availability and updates from Instagram.

6. Subscriptions

Content providers that have a highly devoted following may wish to take advantage of Instagram’s Subscriptions offering. With this platform, authors may establish their own monthly pricing and invite fans to join up through their profile pages. Subscribers will get access to special material and rewards including Lives, articles and badges.

For producers, subscriptions give the possibility to earn money by publishing unique material. It compensates your most committed supporters and gives continuous money to producers.

Creator @AlanChikinChow’s profile includes a “Subscribe” button, which then links to further info on what you receive for $0.99 a month.

7. Reels Bonuses

As part of Instagram’s drive to encourage artists to generate more Reels, it launched Reels Bonuses to a restricted set of Creators. The amount of money gained is depending on reel performance but Instagram has not yet revealed any statistics to support up the effectiveness of this function, nonetheless, according to this media firm earnings vary from $600 to $35,000.

This feature is still being tested so you may not have access to it yet. Read more about Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus Program.

8. Instagram Ads

Sometimes you have to pay to earn more money. Thankfully, Instagram advertisements provide a vast range of customizing capabilities from placement to audiences, making earning money quite simple. Some of the newest spots include enhanced posts related to WhatsApp, Reels and in-stream movies.

Here you may see apparel brand Feroldis doing a sponsored Reels ad.

In-Stream video advertising are also offered to select long-form video artists. These advertisements run in films that are longer than one minute and give advertisers with access to high-intent viewers.

If you’d want greater control over your ad placement, try upgrading Branded Content pieces like indicated previously. Or, promote your own high-performing pieces.


  • Make sure your Instagram ads’ creative assets are correctly proportioned for optimum performance.
  • Explore all the places and formats that Instagram provides.
  • Time to monetize your Instagram account

Instagram is continually changing its monetization initiatives to help creators. What does this signify for brands? With new tools and services, marketers have more options than ever to work with influencers and content producers.

When 71 percent of monthly mobile Internet users strongly link Instagram with following influencers and celebrities, firms who tap into this potential may reap huge rewards. Partnering with creators may enhance your brand exposure and with these new tools and provide you in-depth access to content performance.

Running several advertisements across several networks may get tricky quickly. Sprout Social can help you with campaign administration, giving you with more time to plan and participate.

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