Six TikTok Brands to Invigorate Your Marketing Plan.

Six TikTok Brands to Invigorate Your Marketing Plan.

Because the internet runs on trends, it’s no surprise that TikTok is where many of today’s most pervasive trends first appear. If you’ve seen it, heard it, or laughed at it on social media, it’s likely to have made its way to TikTok.

Growth, new audiences, and relevancy may all be found in an app that is most popular among those under the age of 25. Creators and advertisers may both benefit from TikTok’s burgeoning global user base, which now stands at 1 billion active users.

When it comes to TikTok, what’s the best way for your company to stand out in the crowded marketplace? Find your footing and move the needle with your brand’s visibility by following these tips. Here’s everything you need to know, as well as six businesses that are leading the push in this area.

The reasons why brands should use TikTok.

According to the Sprout Social Index, only 34% of businesses utilise TikTok, which suggests that marketers aren’t leveraging it as much as other social media channels. Learn more about TikTok’s advantages to see whether it’s a good fit for your company.

Everything you do has an impact on others.

Don’t be put off by the fact that TikTok caters to a younger demographic; it has done more for the spread of ideas on social media than any other app. You don’t have to have a large following to be included on the TikTok version of Instagram’s Explore page, the For You Page (FYP). You never know what you’ll find here. Creators and corporations are advised to share initial takes, according to an app running joke. “Try less,” is the prevailing advice. And don’t be shocked if it receives 400,000 likes.

Is this something you’re interested in? Fortunately, there’s a group for that.

Every subculture, no matter how obscure, has a home in the world of tiktoks. #CleanTok, #techtokens and the #WitchTok subcultures are still relevant. New communities like tumblrcore are always emerging.

Your brand gains cultural currency when it establishes a true relationship with one of these groups. Use it to remain up to date on the latest developments. Also, you might want to experiment with coming up with your own.

As an example, consider the high-end French cookware brand Le Creuset. The business uses #CleanTok to show off the visual appeal of its items while also fulfilling the housekeeping duties for which the subculture is known.

The power of music to unite people is undeniable.

TikTok’s capacity to disseminate influence more quickly and widely than any other social site is due to the way groups converge. Everyone, from professional dancers and amateurs, to comedians and the average Joe with a good joke, may add their own distinctive twist to the latest trends. Everybody from the occult to physicians and teachers can relate to the same songs and jokes, which help to simplify even the most difficult subjects.

Every video that is made public becomes a sound that may be found and used. It’s possible to get an unending stream of videos based on a certain song or sound bite by just tapping on the audio file when you hear something you like. Your TikTok material can spread across groups if you use universal sounds.


TikTok is a great platform for word-of-mouth marketing. Genuine and engaging product reviews shared by artists get attention. #TikTokMadeMeBuy It has been viewed 9.4 billion times (and counting). Of course, a lot of the hottest items on TikTok are either sold out or hard to come by. Almost two-thirds of TikTok users report that the social media platform has encouraged them to purchase even when they weren’t planning on doing so.

In 2021, TikTok purchasing will take communal commerce to a new level. Ecommerce solutions from TikTok allow you to transform videos and LIVEs into shoppable, amusing advertisements. Businesses who don’t keep up with consumers’ demands for social commerce capabilities on TikTok will be left behind.

TikTok’s most popular brands share a lot of the same characteristics.

There is still a lot of confusion among marketers about how to include TikTok into their social media strategy. For those whose presence on the app is already well-established, though, there are new methods to stand out. Some of the most popular companies on TikTok have a few things in common.

Isn’t it time for something new?

Great businesses lead the way by producing their own original audio content. This not only increases their TikTok clout, but it also aids in their recollection by allowing others to recognise them. Users report an 8 percent improvement in brand awareness when bespoke tunes and voiceovers are used by app brands.

In the end, it’s the characters that shine.

#BrandsGetReal research shows that customers are drawn to social media content that makes businesses more relatable and relatable to them. TikTok’s most successful companies use their characters and mascots to show off their unique identities.

These aren’t the stereotypes of bygone advertising campaigns; rather, they’re the faces of today. This group has its own dedicated following and is considered as true artists. If you’ve ever seen Benny, the Chicago Bulls’ mascot, you’ll recognise him. Over 5 million people follow him on Instagram and he never misses a dancing competition.

These characters are clever, engaging, and up-to-date on the latest trends—the perfect combination for TikTok’s audience. Customers are more likely to engage with a business if it makes its characters the star of its social media presence.

Become a part of the creative process.

TikTok is a platform where great businesses realise they can’t flourish if they don’t have a creative community. TikTok’s Creator Portal and user-generated content play a critical role in establishing a sensible marketing strategy.

Creator-led and brand-driven content must be balanced…. Make sure your product is used in a meaningful way by video makers. Tutorials, reviews, and product descriptions, for example, increase ad recall by 4% and brand linkage by 10%, according to a recent study.

Authenticity is more than just a catchphrase.

Authenticity on the TikTok platform means what exactly? The TikTok community isn’t a fan of stuff that has been crafted to perfection. Great companies produce lo-fi, scrappy, and genuine content instead of a polished facade.

Brand ideals and personality are reflected in their work. Also, they’re happy to show off members of the crew and give their viewers a look at what goes on in the studio.

For the most part, they keep their ears and hearts open to the communities they serve. If they don’t like a new trend, they don’t embrace it.

TikTok is a great place to learn from six different businesses.

2. The Duolingo language learning platform

Duolingo is a TikTok success story with more than 3 million subscribers. Their official character, Duo, the large green owl, is TikTok’s biggest star. The account is devoted to Duo material that incorporates current trends, but never deviates from the brand’s character.

Everything from celebrating Taylor Swift’s latest album release to capitalising on the Parent Trap trend has been covered by the Duolingo social team.

TikTok wasn’t always Duolingo’s TikTok’s primary emphasis. The majority of their early films were instructional in nature. Using the mascot Duo as an x-factor in some of their most popular blogs, they refined their method. The rest is history.

Secondly, we have Nuggs.

Nuggs, the internet’s most popular plant-based chicken nuggets company, is known for its scrappy and culturally relevant content. Seeing their social media manager in these low-budget films gives the impression that you’re seeing a stand-up comedian. And it’s because of this that it works.

The success of Nuggs on TikTok is based on their ability to keep up with the latest trends in the social media landscape. They know what their customers are watching, what they like, and what humiliating situations they’ve been in before they ever realise it themselves. Their understanding of the human condition helps them generate material that resonates with their audience and encourages them to participate.

The Ascend of HBR

Using TikTok videos, HBR Ascend aims to assist its community in juggling education, job, and personal obligations. Several members of their team appear in front of the camera to provide practical advice to the brand’s audience. As trend-setters, several of their most successful films contain a mixture of comedy and creative sounds.

HBR Ascend demonstrates that media businesses can thrive on TikTok. They can, in fact, be just as engaging and enjoyable as other companies. Keeping up with the times is critical if they hope to connect with their target audience.

Old Navy is another great option.

With its emphasis on collaborating with creators, Old Navy is advocating the use of a TikTok strategy. Iconic Fourth of July flag-emblazoned T-shirts are no longer the primary focus of the garment company’s marketing strategy. It’s not uncommon for Old Navy to post videos of its customers wearing their favourite ensembles and giving advise on how to look their best. They also showcase content from the creators themselves, which focuses on family values and personal experiences.

When they released their latest ad, the company pushed their user-generated content approach to a new level. To create the 60-second ad, the creative team drew inspiration from TikTok comments. The cheery commercial is a good illustration of why it’s so crucial to listen to our customers. Furthermore, it has the potential to become viral and build meaningful relationships.

In addition, there’s e.l.f.

Custom audio is being pioneered by cosmetics shop e.l.f. In 2019, the company collaborated with a Grammy-winning artist to release “Eyes, Lips, Face,” an original song.

The TikTok campaign for e.l.f. was a huge success thanks to the help of a few key influencers. The sound was used by new content developers to create their own material. Since the song’s release, approximately 9 billion people have watched the #eyeslipsface hashtag on TikTok.

It wasn’t only producing their own sounds that e.l.f. enjoyed. They continue to provide unique audio content, such as instructional and product evaluations from artists and other users alike.

There is a Ryanair flight available.

Only on TikTok would an airline openly burn itself, its customers, and its competitors—and then receive more than 200,000 likes for it. On TikTok, Ryanair is known for its low-cost fares, which they celebrate and promote.

If you don’t like the reviews, Ryanair’s social media crew knows how to convert them into viral videos. As well as transforming their planes into comical characters, they enlist the help of their pilots and coworkers. And it’s worth it. Since they’ve started making their films, they’ve garnered a devoted following.

It is clear from Ryanair’s success that TikTok rewards businesses who defy industry standards while remaining true to their core values and positioning.

How to improve your TikTok visibility

A year ago, saying “brand opportunities” and “TikTok” in the same sentence would have been absurd.

Today, it is the world’s fastest-growing and most democratised social network. It’s not only a matter of brand image. It’s in your company’s best interest to go out of your comfort zone and establish a presence on the site.

If you’re still looking for more TikTok inspiration, check out our social media team’s story.

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